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ralph lauren hoodie Remember , remember the winter of that year, you floated to in my life , such as the sky scattered patches of snow petal covered all my feelings. You dress with a crystal of that winter chill , let my life a deep sense of poetic pen dipped in touch , such as washing down every now and then a cloud of Ai love soft wadding .

Snow petal gently tapping the name of my emotions window frames, break out the giggle at it , I came to your mind . So graceful, so warm, touching story that makes you my full Qin between the cool winter around it so I can not resist the temptation of this love gift of love. Into your world , like walking into a fairy tale filled with vines covered with wind chimes hut . A long time longing soul from , ralph lauren hoodie let me hold your arms from . At that moment, I shy gaze roam on the skin of your life, from your body exudes a mellow long strands fascinated my heart.

Petal snow outside the window is not an angel elf ? They danced transparent wings , depicting the beautiful winter landscape . Those cute little life in their short journey by telling them the longing for love , they are affectionate with a piece of land and build on the love nest thick .

"ZW, can curtains? " Heard this phrase , I'm staring ralph lauren hoodie at you from your glowing ruddy face, I read your upsurge of emotion . Close the curtains in the room suddenly dimmed up, but it made ​​me see the light of fire between your brow lift every move she makes . At that moment, we finally filled in the window of the snowstorm that small room , in another strong breathing in , cutting out a Winter Sonata , but also to that moment in my life since become eternal . It made ​​the hearts of the years of the river, with each heartbeat gone through years of seasons .

Snow Cantabile , come to an end where the winter has gone, go far, far away . Afar night will be wet dream? I asked myself over and over again . Last winter, when the snow outside the window again when more disorders such as hemp hearts , thoughts boat across the sea , but you do not know the other side there is no shadow . I put all my thoughts all the tears to stay in the winter, it drops down the hill in the heart of the junction with a thick layer of frost. Winter 's eyes always try to pass through vast Xue-Hai , in a cold distant capture your choking balderdash . Another winter is coming , and more want you all tomorrow, yesterday's bleak melting temperature , ralph lauren hoodie so that the accumulation of thoughts surging into the summer flood season .

"Red memo small print , says the best level of business. Geese difficult to send in a cloud of fish in the water , this melancholy feeling . Sun Duyi West , Yao Shan just for curtain hooks. Faces of the people do not know where the Green Wave still east ." Yesterday late as usual moon climbs in the quiet sky, it can not round, like a hook posture shake the shadows of the trees outside the window broken , and I shake more than a thousand broken dreams . When Acacia Nalv wind swept when the moon is also broken little wind , overtaken by its own shadow lonely one petal , swimming in the clouds drifting in love . In the vast sea of ​​strangers , we said that was the edge of the millennium . We promise to cherish this providential love, in life never leave this pure, regardless Chunhuaqiuyue ralph lauren hoodie , regardless of winter snows summer rain , high winds Until this matter , regardless of thunder and lightning . Available today, but we got lost on the way of love himself .

You from winter snow , and disappeared in the falling leaves of autumn sink . Memories of the past like the confusion of the wind , blowing wrinkled my face , blowing my heart ache . Cry when I'm alone in the years to trek the muddy road, they still do not want to get the love of the vein , it has been out of feelings of maternal red eyes, I could not bear it was bleak earth buried. Love leaves falling from the sky , I said it , it yearned to see next spring flowers in full bloom , and today it so quietly ralph lauren hoodie die.

Winter is gone, forever out of my feelings ......